Saturday, September 22, 2012

Good news, everyone!

You know how sometimes you'll just be walking around, not a care in the world, thinking how much God hates people who aren't you, when suddenly you'll meet some Jesuits, and goshdarnit, you left your anti-Jesuit comix at home, so you can't tell them comprehensively how Satanic they are?  Don't you hate it when that happens?  Well, those dark days are at an end, my friend, 'cause now, you can just whip out your iphone and have that important data right at your fingertips!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

John Crowley, Dæmonomania (2000)

This is the longest book in the sequence by some margin; at five hundred nine pages, it's actually one less than Love & Sleep, but it makes up for that with substantially smaller print.
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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Breaking! Exclusive! Must Credit Inchoatia!

The political scene is abuzz about leaked video footage of Mitt Romney expressing his contempt for half of all Americans, but you ain't seen nothing yet--I have lately obtained, from my SOOPER SECRET SOURCES, a transcript of another speech that Romney recently gave at a fundraiser:

So of course we use them.  We harness and sodomize them, photograph their degradation, send them up onto the high iron and down into mines and sewers and killing floors, we set them beneath inhuman loads, we harvest from them their muscle and eyesight and health, leaving them in our kindness a few miserable years of broken gleanings.  Of course we do.  Why not?  They are good for little else.  How likely are they to grow to their full manhood, become educated, engender families, further the culture or the race?  We take what we can while we may.  We will buy it all up, all this country.  Money speaks, the land listens, where the Anarchist skulked, where the horse-thief plied his trade, we fishers of Americans will cast our nets of perfect ten-acre mesh, leveled and varmint-proofed, ready to build on.  Where alien muckers and jackers went creeping after their pitiful communistic dreams, the good lowland townsfolk will come up by the netful into these hills, clean, industrious, Christian, while we, gazing out over their little vacation bungalows, will dwell in top-dollar palazzos befitting our station, which their mortgage money will be paying to build for us.  When the scars of these battles have long faded, who will be left anymore to remember the jabbering Union scum, the frozen corpses whose names, false in any case, have gone forever unrecorded?  Who will care that men fought as if an eight-hour day, a few coins more at the end of the week, were everything?  Anarchism will pass, its race will degenerate into silence, but money will beget money, grow like the bluebells in the meadow, spread and heighten and gather force, and bring low all before it.  It is simple.  It is inevitable.  It has begun.

Controversial, but he raises some important points that must be addressed!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Duck Comics: "The Golden Throne Legend"