Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Books what I done readed recently

Sometimes it comes to pass that you accidentally read some books without having the chance to write about them in real time, so they pile up, and it seems like you'll NEVER get to them. Hence, this.
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Saturday, April 11, 2015

E.R. Eddison, The Worm Ouroboros (1922)

This had been on the to-read list for a long time, so when I accidentally opened it while I was going through my ereader trying to decide what was next, I just shrugged and started reading.
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Sunday, April 05, 2015

Terry Pratchett, Small Gods (1992) and Soul Music (1994)

Right, I decided it would be a good idea to revisit some Discworld books I remember liking back in the day. As I believe I mentioned, Soul Music was the first one I ever read, and although I don't quite remember, it's extremely probable that Small Gods was the second.
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