Thursday, June 14, 2018

I'm pretty sure Woody Allen is not a child rapist.

CONTROVERSIAL OPINION TIME, though it's dumb as hell that it should actually be so controversial. #metoo is important, and not marginalizing victims is important, but good lord, people. That doesn't mean that you need to completely lose your critical faculties. You DO remember the daycare workers in the eighties whose lives were ruined by self-evidently spurious claims that they were involved in Satanic rape rituals? Obviously, Allen is not suffering in that way, but STILL: let's consider that this entire case is based on ONE (1) incident, that allegedly happened while Mia Farrow was SUPER pissed off (justifiably) at him for the Soon-Yi Previn business. And consider that he has NEVER been the subject of similar accusations from anyone. And consider that there were extensive investigations that found absolutely NO evidence of this having happened. And while you're at it, consider Moses Farrow's extremely convincing testament. For the record, I don't suppose that Dylan Farrow is lying; we know how strong false memories can be. And at this point, who knows if Mia is either. I mean, we naturally recoil at the idea of accusing people of being wrong about things like this, which obviously HAVE caused a lot of pain whether or not they're true, but fercrissake, there's shitloads of evidence that such things do HAPPEN, and the fact that you're primed to believe victims, while laudable, doesn't mean you should just lose your fucking mind.

I'm not saying it's outside the realm of possibility that this did in fact happen, but I do think that possibility is pretty damned remote, and it's just bizarre to me how many people just assume that it definitely happened, Allen's a monster, end of story. The train of thought--whether or not it's articulated--seems to go "Allen's kinda skeezy, therefore IT STANDS TO REASON that he's also a child rapist!" Do I need to go into to detail about why that's so insane? I mean, I'll agree with the skeezy part, but come the fuck on. At the very least, admit that you could be wrong and get down off your high horse about how horrible it is that actors are still willing to work with him.


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