Thursday, March 12, 2020

Politics again, sorry. Also, I'm sorry for saying "fuck" and variations thereof so many times.

In retrospect, it's the most predictable thing in the world that the Democratic Party would coalesce around Joe Biden. I don't think there's much currency in blaming some shadowy "establishment;" obviously, Biden did have institutional help, but the voters voted for him all by themselves, so here we are.

Really, what's to blame is the garbage fake concept of "electability." We have a dismal fucking track record of electing candidates no one is excited about because they're "electable," but hey--maybe this time it'll work! And, hey, lest I be accused of buying into the concept myself, let me note here that I'm mostly serious: it really might. People compare Biden to Clinton in terms of being a centrist candidate that no one really likes, but you can't just leave the fact that the right spend twenty-five years projecting their psychopathologies onto Clinton. That, uh, makes a difference. And in any case, it's entirely possible that there's enough rage against Trump and his hideous slime beasts currently befouling the nation that literally anyone you choose would beat him. It's possible, and one also has to admit that Trump's defeat would be SUCH a profound relief that I'd even be glad on some level to see someone as profoundly inadequate as Biden in there. He'd do some things I'd like! I'm not denying it!

And I mean, hey, on the one hand, he's better than Michael Bloomburg. There's a low bar to cross. On the other hand, he effusively accepted his endorsement while talking about how wonderful Bloomburg is. Which is to say: he barely fucking crossed it, and it really tells you all you need to know about whether he'd even make the most token fucking efforts to dismantle the capitalist system that's poisoning the country and the world. I mean really, let's be honest, even Sanders' stated policies aren't really adequate for the task, but Biden. Ha! I bitterly LAUGH in your general direction!

The temptation is just oh so goddamn fucking strong to say "oh, you chose this incredibly insipid candidate who doesn't remotely speak to my own politics because you think he's 'electable,' did you? Well! You clearly know best! And in that case, given how fucking electable he is, you clearly don't need my swing-state vote! Have fun! I sure hope there are no massive, fundamental flaws in your idea of 'electability!'" GOD that would feel good. And...I'd never do it because I'm a better fucking person than Joe Biden and the people who expect me to vote for him in spite of the fact that we could've had a good candidate whom I actually like. Goddamit. You don't have to TELL me: I am perfectly cognizant that, regardless of the medium- and long-term problems that will arise, the most important thing right here right now is to defeat Trump, and that even Joseph Goddamn Biden would--will, let's be optimistic, I suppose--be a massive improvement.  People who say that there are no differences between the candidates are delusional, or even who try to downplay them: there are differences, and they are extremely substantial.  You can admit that.  Also, say what you will about ol' Joe: he's clearly capable of emotions other than rage, resentment, and self-pity, which, you know, by itself is enough. So there's that.

But goddamnit, this is how THEY ALWAYS GET YOU. They give you bad candidates and you have to vote for them because the alternative is way, way worse. That fucking sucks, and I don't know what to do about it. Because they really do have you. There are no flaws in their logic.  I mean, I don't think that they consciously planned for it to be this way, I'm not insane, probably, and they certainly didn't force the Republican Party to be so profoundly evil so that they have to do so little to look good by comparison, but still, here we are. Sure, you can say, fuck you, I'm not voting for your corporate candidate, but please tell me ONE TIME that's actually helped anything. It never has and never will. If we were less ethical people, we might not vote for him. But we are what we are. What a paradox.


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Blogger Pan Miluś pontificated to the effect that...

Geoffrey... Did you ever Stopped and Think :

What if President Trump fallow your blogs, because he is a big fan of Operas and Carl Barks Comics and he comes here because he loves to read articles reviewing his favorite pastimes by his favorite person in the whole wide world and then he would find article like THIS?

Did you ever stoPped and think - O wow, that would realy hurt his feelings! There he is trying to do his darn best work as leader of the nation and just wants to add some of his own special flavor to the mix and then he see this article, goes "Oh, boy, oh boy! Joe Biden trashing article! That will cheer me up after hard day of hard work! That Geox, what a swell guy! Wait a minute..." and then out of the blue he reads how someone he looks up to write such harsh words about him!

Just think about it - Maybe he is right now at Ivanka/Melania bedroom crying, hugging her therapeutic plush unicorn asking her "Ooooh... Why do he has to be like that? I'm just trying to be me!" and then he goes back to his own bedroom to cry some more alone! In the dark! He won't even be in mood to eat his favorite supper! (!!!)

Why do you have to pick on poor President Trump like that? Oh, I know why! I know your type! I'll bet the *ONLY* reason you pick on on him is because his skin is orange and he is fat!

Well I have some news for you... Geoffrey!!! Just because someone has a diffrent skin color then you and is a little overweight dosen't mean he don't have human emotion just like you! You know what you are? You're just a bully! A big bully going after someone to nice to write a comment to defend himself!

Just imagine him sitting there in the darkness of that cold, cold, loveless white house he has to work day after day, hemmed in by mounds of cold, heartless politics (a "White house shaped cage" if you will) just so he can put some bread on the table of his family... Sitting there all sobbing, with puppy dog eyes and his head down. He learn his lesson and he won't make his mistakes again. Reading this post was enough of punishment for him, he's like a little kid who has a ruff day at school and just wants a big hug from his mom! Once you look past things that bother You abot him (which let's face it, as Freud put it maybe things that bother you about other are secretly things that bother You about yourself) you see he is just a big, cudly teddy bear, yes he is.

Maybe, just maybe, if you would let down the democratic chains blocking your heart and gave President Trump a chance you two could be friends! You could teach him all about proper english, and he could share with you his secrets how to run a perfect country, just in case you one day get elected. Heck, I'm sure he would vote for you, same way he asumes you voted for him in the next election! You could be a duo, two buddies agianst the harshness of the world with nothing but dreams in their pocket and their friendship!

Don't build walls Geoffrey! Build bridges! I'm sure if President Trump read this He would agree (and tweet about it)!

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