Friday, December 31, 2004

Now hear this

As we all know, there's nothing more fascinating than hearing a complete stranger's dreams, so here's one I had last night:

I'm lying in a bed (not any bed I'm familiar with), probably just as it's beginning to lighten outide. A knocking on the door. I open it. It's a black woman, who procedes to shoot me point blank in the head. Now: flashback! It turns out that I was being shot in retaliation for my part in some sort of ill-defined white supremacist plot which murdered fifteen black people. So now I'm in a conference room where the ringleader is explaining how the plot is to work. This explanation takes the form of having a bunch of different colored balls in the middle of the room which, like the components of some sort of puzzle game, we are supposed to place with two like colors adjacent to each other to make them disappear. This, in some abstract way, is apparently how the plan is supposed to work. But I have misgivings about this whole murder thing, which I express in some way. I'm not sure how or what or anything, but in some way I get the leader to cancel the plot or at least mitigate it or something. Then it turns out that I was one of the people who created the King James Bible. Bet you never saw that one coming, eh? So I'm trying to sign the ringleader's copy, which turns out to be a laborious process since all I have is a really crappy blue pen that not only barely writes, but is kind of sharp and threatens to damage the paper. Also, I'm trying hard to figure out how to phrase what I want to say--something about our friendship...only it's all a facade, because I know that he knows that I've basically betrayed him and that I'm a dead man; we're both just pretending. And...that's it. Dreams so rarely feature the kind of dramatic closure we would like.


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