Saturday, August 06, 2005

And now, our semi-regular guest columnist

Editor, Sun-Gazette:
Why are we so mortally afraid of gay marriage? As one recent writer put it, "if you allow gay marriage, it leads down the road to polygamy, bestiality, and any other relationships that man can think of." I don’t follow the logic. How does allowing marriage between two people who love each other lead to abusive polygamy and animal abuse in the form of bestiality? The assumption being made here, consciously or not, is that gays are inherently evil, and so any further acceptance into mainstream society that they achieve will give them more leverage to destroy it from within. Logic has nothing to do with it.
We can cite the Bible all we want, but keep in mind that the definition of marriage has always been changing. Righteous David had multiple wives (2 Samuel 5:13), and the laws of Moses made provisions for polygamy (Exodus 21:10). Remember that until relatively recently, marriage between people of different social classes, races and castes was viewed as inconceivable. Religious faith is important, but we shouldn’t let it turn into dogma that causes us to lose sight of the big picture. In these troubled times, doesn’t it make more sense to support loving couples than to hinder them, regardless of their sexual orientation?
Jeremy Moses


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