Saturday, August 13, 2005

Movie idea

As my brother has pointed out, what the world really, really needs is a film adaptation of the Book of Joshua. Hell, why not? It's the perfect setting for one of these overblown quasi-historical epics Hollywood's been loving so much lately. But here's the REAL reason why I would kill to see this movie made: because Joshua is a deranged, genocidal monster. I mean, irreducibly so: he and his armies massacre the living shit out of hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of people for no reason other than that their god is even more of a psychopath than he is. There is absolutely no way you could spin the story to make him into a sympathetic character: even if you decide to add some extra-biblical embelishment about how he feels loads of remorse and stuff over what he's doing...he's still a monster.

So: the awesome part would be seeing the reaction of the Christian right. Because the film would be painstakingly designed to be utterly faithful to the source material. So they would be unable to criticize it on those grounds. And yet, they would want to criticize it, because you can't imagine they'd be real happy about having the most horrific section of their holy book presented in popular, mass-media form for all to see. Basically, their two possibly responses would be either to defend genocide, or to in essence say "we do not like the fact that you are bringing attention to this particular part of the Perfect Received Word of God." Watching them desperately contorting themselves would be completely awesome and hilarious.


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