Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Random blah

01. Leonard Cohen, “I’m Your Man”
But a man never got a woman back, not by begging on his knees. Or I’d crawl to you baby and I’d fall and your feet and I’d howl at your beauty like a dog in heat and I’d claw and your heart and I’d tear at your sheet I’d say please please…I’m your man. Yup, that’s the stuff. 10/10

02. Calexico, “Alone Again Or”
I don’t particularly care for Love, the band…but I do care for Calexico, and, yeah, it’s a decent song and they do a decent version of it. So. Yeah. 7/10

03. Ian Dury, “Hit Me with Your Rhythm Stick”
Highly entertaining. You could try to not like this song, but it probably wouldn’t work very well. 9/10

04. Snoopdroop, “Jelly Monster Attacks the Town”
Selective appeal, but I like it. The fruit-themed title gives it (as all the tracks on the album in question) an enjoyably goofy Saturday morning cartoon feel. 7/10

05. Steeleye Span, “Tonight’s the Night”
An extremely bland drinking song. In the best of all possible words, that would be an oxymoron. But, sadly, in this one, it apparently isn’t. 3/10

06. Gordon Bok, “The Death Ship” Not his best, but still quite good, and it always puts me in mind of the “Black Freighter” segments in Watchmen. 7/10

07. Johnny Dowd, “The Similarity of Opposites”
Discordant music as Dowd moans vaguely in the background. Hey, it was a small self-released album. It wasn’t designed for people to like it. But still. 3/10

08. Pulp, “She’s a Lady”
Over-the-top lyrical bathos, music blatantly ripped off from “I Will Survive”—what’s not to like? 7/10

09. The Teardrop Explodes, “Sleeping Gas”
But you can watch Rafferty turn into a serial...what does it mean? We may never know. But we love it anyway. Great, hypnotic neo-psychedelia. 9/10

10. Tom Waits, “Swordfishtrombone”
Confounding shaggy-dog lyrics. But isn't that why we love him? Right. 8/10



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