Sunday, June 04, 2006

God I hate the president

I mean, obviously. But I'm really not outraged all that much nowadays. I mean, like, what's the point? You know that bush and friends are always instinctively and unerringly going to do the polar fucking opposite of the right thing--what can you fucking SAY about that? But now I am moved--by this--to reaffirm the fact that, indeed, I hate that vile and nauseous gigantic fucking pile of SHIT worse than I have ever hated ANYTHING.

But wait, you say. Sure, this is bad. What else is new? But is it REALLY of a different order than the myriad other crimes against common decency the man has committed? But it's not supporting homophobia in and of itself that pisses me off. I mean, as you say, what else is new? What we're talking about here is the whole context of the thing. The president's poll numbers are dropping like a thing that drops precipitously. People are finally waking up to the fact that he's utterly incompetent to govern. So what's he do? Does he take a good hard look at himself and realize that the only way to fix things is to change? Do earnestly try to do better? No no no. Actually fixing things would require work. So instead of making even a token effort at doing something, anything, that would, oh say, prevent soldiers for dying in the Middle East for no damn reason--fuck em! Let em die! A nice family-friendly round of fag-bashing ought to do the trick! That's the president we know and hate!

Yeah, you say, but still. Duh. Of course he exploits fear and hatred and insecurity for short-term political gain. It's like crack cocaine to him. Wha'd you expect? And you're right, of course. I shouldn't be surprised by things like this. And I'm not, really. But the sheer naked cynicism on display here--the utter political amorality, the willingness--nay, eagerness--to do literally anything for a quick ratings fix--seems even more pronounced than usual. Whatever the reason, it has gotten under my own thick layer of protective cynicism, and it makes me howl with enraged bloodlust. Holy fucking SHIT do I ever hate that man creature.


Anonymous Anonymous pontificated to the effect that...

How can anybody still support this guy? Everything he's touched has turned to shit. I understand how 70% of the people don't approve his job. What I don't undstand is how 30% of Americas can possibly think he's doing a good job.

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That's the same 30% that think we should nuke Iran. No, that's not one of those out-of-proportion liberal exaggerations. You see, as I believe I once stated in a correspondence with our fine host, I once knew a certain charming conservative, mother of two and all-around empowered and informed member of society, who really digs that good-time Leader Principle. So, she stated repeatedly that we should "drop a nuke on Iran" (originally Iraq, but it's easy to change the enemy of the day) because "they are all crazy." She also cheers whenever she hears news stories about Iraqi civilians being killed. Dehumanizing others was never this much fun!

But while this is all quite horrible, I don't think it's something that's limited to Bush, or even something that Bush entirely created. Our warmongering culture is here to stay forever. Even if a Democrat wins next time, we're not going to withdraw from Iraq (unless it's Dennis Kucinich), and we're not going to close any of our hundreds of bases that we have in other people's countries. The only difference will be that there will be a little less sneering towards France, and a little more meaningless platitudes about "human rights" and "democracy." Basically, instead of a fag-hatin', flag-wavin' cowboy like Bush, we'll have a sanctimonious hypocrite like Tony Blair.

- SK

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