Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Seriously, I could do this all day.

by: GeoX
age: 10

Once, there was a Japanese duck named Quackalathtor, whose father had been killed fighting in the battle of Iwo Jima. Quackalathtor determined to take revenge. He also had a top secret message that had to get to he and his friend’s hideout in Borneo by morning. He brought a ship the ALBATROSS, and set out for Borneo.

On the way, a giant typhoon started and the ship sank. In desperation, he corked it up in a bottle and flung it into the sea, praying that it would to his teammate in Borneo, Quacan. Then he struck out for the Philippines which were not more than a day’s journey away.

In the Philippines he brought a new ship and headed for Mexico City. He made a plan to find out who had killed his father. He got everyone’s handprint by will or force.

Then he made a palmist read them until he had found the right killer.

Meanwhile Quacan had found and read the message. This is what it said,

Come to mexico
city at once. I
need you

Quacan rented a boat and sailed to mexico city and found Quackalathtor in a hotel.

First, Quackalathtor murdered the man who had killed his father then he jumped into a taxi. Then he pulled out an eggbeater and said “to the nearest spaceport or i fire.

Just before Quackalathtor got out he gave some whispered instructions to Quacan then he hot-wired a rocket. But before he took off he fired a last defiant beater at a policeman who swore to get revenge. Meanwhile Quacan disguised himself as a man and went to enter an organization that caught burglars, pickpockets, etc. When he had passed the entry he said he knew where Quackalathtor was, and he said he thought Quackalathtor had hidden on Ceres.

One Ceres Quacan said he’d look on the southern side and the others would look on the northern side.

Quacan quietly found Quackalathtor and flew away towing the other ship behind them and at last Quackalathtor was content!!!!!




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