Saturday, October 07, 2006


You know what I like? When people on the itunes network have their libraries limited to five users a day or, better yet, password-protected. Oooh, yeah, better be careful, 'cause I'm sure there's sooooo much demand for your awesome collection of four or five hundred songs INVARIABLY involving Blink 182, Coldplay, John Mayer, and Panic! at the Disco. Seriously, every single person has the EXACT SAME COLLECTION. Also, an inflated sense of self-worth. Anyway.

01. Cowboy Bebop, "Ask DNA"
From the (somewhat overrated) movie. But this is pleasingly funky. 8/10

02. Elvis Costello, "You Belong to Me"
Well, it's not my favorite from This Year's Model, but that's okay. I like the organ in the background. 7/10

03. Pulp, "The Night that Minnie Timperley Died"
Classic Pulp. It was great to hear that Jarvis was still up to things like this after the murkiness of This Is Hardcore. 9/10

04. They Might Be Giants, "For Science"
A brief slip of a song, but highly entertaining. Let's get those missiles ready to DESTROY THE UNIVERSE! 8/10

05. Echo and the Bunnymen, "No Dark Things"
One of the best things from Heaven Up Here. But still not great. Sounds kind of like a poor man's Joy Division. 6/10

06. Tom Waits, "King Kong"
A cover of a song by this Daniel Johnston fellow, who appears to be, at any rate, mildly mentally retarded. Or twelve. But I like it quite a bit. It features Waits' human beatboxing in the background. Good times. 7/10

07. Oasis, "Cigarettes and Alcohol"
Imagina-shee-un! Sun-shee-ine! I wouldn't say this is the best thing on Definitely Maybe, but still--their sorry latter-day career makes ALL their early stuff look like genius. 8/10

08. Emerson, Lake, & Palmer, "Jerusalem"
It's kinda difficult not to giggle a bit at this after that one Monty Python episode ("Yes, you know, it's a man's life in England's mountains green")--but I like it anyway. 7/10

09. Depeche Mode, "Master and Servant"
Ooh, aren't we transgressive. How can anyone possibly take the "it's a lot (it's a lot) it's a lot (it's a lot) it's a lot (it's a lot) it's a lot like life" refrain seriously? It certainly has some inintentional humor value, however. 4/10

10. Mary Gauthier, "Evangeline"
A painful love song to a stripper. I think it would be a good one for crying into your beer to, if you were in such a mood. 9/10

Update: JESUS CHRIST, how many typos did I make in this damn post? Hopefully, they're all fixed. But I wouldn't bet on it.



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