Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Mallard HAS been sort of tepid of late, what with all the dopey new year's resolutions inexplicably forced into doggerel form...but man alive, now he's BRINGING the crazy. If there were a competition like American Idol, but where the idea was to be really batshit crazy rather than sing, and there were a whole bunch of deluded wannabe contestants who got rejected because they THOUGHT they were completely insane but really they were only mildly neurotic, Tinsley would be the one who would go in and start barking about how Howard Dean is worried about his cartoon duck's campaign to get some random dude to run for President, and Randy would be like, Dude! You BROUGHT it! And Paula would practically be in tears, and Simon would give his little half-smile and say, Congratulations, you're going to Hollywood, and Bruce would start screaming and jumping up and down in glee, and MAN. I would TOTALLY watch this show if it existed.



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