Friday, February 02, 2007

I'm all out of good duck-related titles

Surely he can't seriously be delusional enough to imagine that he's spearheading an actual movement...? But you know, I'm thinking he just might be. Excessive alcohol DOES sometimes lead to an inflated sense of self-worth (will I EVER get tired of making drunken Tinsley jokes?, I don't think I will). You've almost gotta feel sorry for this Walter fellow--if he's really a regular Limbaugh guest host, you know he's gotta be a first-class shithead, but jeez, having to endure whatever portion of Tinsley's audience is deranged enough to actually write to him...that's rough. Pretty goddamn inconsiderate of Tinsley to harass this guy in his quixotic--and very, very stupid--crusade. Then again, maybe he'll end up only getting emailed by sarcastic liberals. I sent him the following:

Dear Dr. Williams,

A cartoon duck told me to tell you that you should run for President. I think he may have been drunk, though.


We'll see if this has an effect. Incidentally, it looks like Tinsley doesn't understand the meaning of the word "threaten." Unsurprisingly.



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