Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Against the Blog: 4-6

Let's see if I can do an Against the Blog segment in spite of being a little drunk.

The Tunguska Event happens. What caused it? It is a mystery! Padzhitnoff (you know, the commander of the Russian Chums of Chance counterpart) thinks it may have been Germans. The natives think it was their thunder god. What is the truth???

Kit and Prance witness it also. Huh, they think.

Crazy stuff is going on in the wake of the event, like mosquitoes drinking vodka and wolves reciting Bible passages in Old Slavonic. Then, they stop.

Kit and Prance separate, and the latter is picked up by our friends the CoC. The former falls in with a group of directionless former convicts. Later, he meets a party of travelers which includes--whaddaya know?--Fleetwood Vibe. He tells Kit that his father has gone crazy; none of the offspring expect to see any inheritance money. Scarsdale TOTALLY gets killed much later, by none other than Foley Walker. It's great. Sorry; that was a spoiler. But I guess this whole thing is. Never mind! Colfax is playing professional baseball. La! 'Wood is searching for a secret, hidden railroad out here. Bonne chance!

Kit leaves sometime during the night.



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