Saturday, April 07, 2007

Against the Blog: 4-9

NOTE: And...this is where my strength gave out.

So now, I'm listening to the audiobook version of the novel. Fifty-three and a half hours! The narrator's quite good, actually. Does different voices, including accents and dialects, quite well.

Cyprian Latewood and Bevis Moistleigh, headed to Bosnia to see what's what. On the ship, they meet a girl named Jacintha Drulov and her guardian, Lady Quethlock. Cyprian, from various small details, suspects that this is "a Lady Spy and her apprentice." Bevis is smitten with the girl. There's dancing, and stuff, and Bevis is unhappy to have to leave. But he does, and there they are in Sarajevo. They meet with the guy they're supposed to protect, Danilo Ashkil, a peripatetic Jew who knows fuckloads of languages. And now he's in danger, it is alleged.



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