Thursday, August 02, 2007

Random Number

BUT WHAT NUMBER?!?!? Read on to find out. Oh the suspense.

01. The Homosexuals, "Collapsible You"
Ragged, falling-apart-at-the-seams, but still pretty dern good, if not their best. 7/10

02. Stone Angel, "False Knight on the Road"
I do have to say, Steeleye Span easily wins the False Knight Sweepstakes. This is still pretty good, though. It's more or less the same arrangement as on the Maddy Prior/Tim Hart version. 7/10

03. Marie Celeste, "Ruby Tuesday"
A folky version of the Stones song. Which is already kind of folky. It ought to be pretty good, but the sad truth is, they fuck up the chorus. How the hell do you manage THAT? It's an unforgivable sin for a song with that ought to have such an indelible hook. 3/10

04. Jay Munly, "The Fabulous History of the Churchill Falls Barrel Races"
This is SUCH a great song. You might sort of compare it to The Mosquito Coast, the movie not the book because I'm illiterate. Creepy and riveting. 10/10

05. Steeleye Span, "Skewball"
It's just a horse race, for gods' sake--how can it possibly be so, oh, I don't know--hypnotic? Mesmerizing? And yet, it is. Great stuff. 9/10

06. Gwydion Pendderwen, "The Sun God"
Hey, I'm sorry that he died in an untimely fashion, but ol' Gwydion is still among the most mockable artists in the world. This actually isn't terrible--his other album is much, much, worse--but it ain't superfantastic either. I somehow hoped for more when I downloaded this schizznit. Guess I got about what I paid for. 5/10

07. Aesop Rock, "Shovel"
Aesop Rock is kind of overwhelming, but he certainly has skill. This is one of his more accessible efforts. Of course, that's very relative. He doesn't budge; he studies the ramifications of his shovel. Apparently. 7/10

08. The Watersons, "The Morning Looks Charming"
AH BUT IS IT REALLY?!?!? Hell, I'll give it benefit of doubt. Rousing, a cappella goodness..

09. The Teardrop Explodes, "Books"
I believe this was cowritten by Ian McCulloch and Julian Cope, but I gotta say, Julian wins this round--I like this much better than the Bunnymen version. 8/10

10. The Peelers, "Rebel Road"
Fuck, I already used the word "rousing." This song is probably more deserving of it though. Boisterous celtic punkishness that'll rouse the shit out of you.

11. Wall of Voodoo, "Tse Tse Fly"
A chilling tale where he's walking through the jungle, when suddenly he's bitten by a tse tse fly!!!11 I have to admit, I sorta kinda prefer Ridgway's WoV stuff to most of his solo efforts. 8/10


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