Thursday, December 27, 2007

Another aggrieved, semi-literate hunter heard from!

The great Gary Alt and ludicrous Game Commission’s five year experiment to destroy the Whitetail Deer herd worked very well. They not only destroyed the deer herd, they destroyed a couple hundred years old family tradition, while spending the license fees.

I hope all the anti-hunters and the nepotism employees the Game Commission caters to for their bribes and special interest money padding their pockets. Intelligence and ability is an ingredient that does not exist with the staggering number of 732 employees that the Game Commission consists of in Harrisburg’s $25 million palace. All 732 employees will get a rude awakening in the very near future when the license plummet and the license fees are raised to meet the shortfall, they will price themselves of business.

Then the anti-hunters, insurance companies, lumbermen and all other special interest groups that are padding the Game Commission’s pockets can save the money they have been lining the pockets with since they did a very good job destroying the deer herd and pricing the hunters out of hunting.

I only hope that if and when they pass a bill in Harrisburg to make the open records bill, that the Game Commission records will also be open to the public. Then the hunters will see where all their license fees are being wasted on an over staffed game commission.

Robert H. Temple

Special Bonus: Semi-literate anti-gay assholery!

I, and a big majority of Americans, are Christian oriented. We celebrate Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Holy Matrimony-Marriage between man and woman, and the birth of their children. What do same sex marriages and civil unions celebrate?

Call me bigot, call me racist and intolerant, but I’m adamantly opposed to same-sex marriages and civil unions being legalized to give them the same benefits a married couple, man and woman, get. In my opinion, it is nothing but a cheap ploy to gouge money from the government they’re not entitled to. It make a mockery of marriage between a man and woman and their children.

God bless America and Holy Matrimony.

Frank Enderle

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry War on Christmas

Mind you, it's been a pretty feeble "war" this year: there was the ludicrous AFA anti-petsmart thing (and surely the intern who came up with that half-assed idea was fired--I mean, come ON), a whiny Bill Orally column, and not much else. Last year the local paper was FILLED with letters from concerned, feeble-minded citizens. This year? Jack all. It's almost like the War was never anything more than a cynical, if ineffectual, political ploy. Difficult to believe, I know. Anyway, as my Christmas present to you, please enjoy this actual, honest-to-god letter to the editor about cybernetic, Predator-style deer. The War on Christmas may be petering out, but the non-stop stream of letters we've been seeing lately from affronted hunters is the gift that keeps on giving, and this is the best of the batch. Who knew Rugged Outdoorsmen could be so incredibly whiny?

The "Where are the deer?" question has been answered. The Game Commission says there are plenty of deer on public land; that the reason hunters don't see them is because the hunters don't go deep enough into the woods, don't hunt long enough or at the right times, don't employ proper hunting tactics, etc. etc. blah blah blah.

In other words, they're telling us that we're stupid, lousy, and lazy hunters. But the real reason is that the Game Commission has been highly successful in their goal to improve the deer herd. These deer now have superior traits to the more plentiful deer of yesteryear. The new Game Commission deer is now invisible to the human eye. They don't leave tracks, they don't leave droppings, and the bucks no longer destroy the precious habitat by rubbing trees or making scrapes. They have produced stealthy, or "super" deer.

So what does it take to see and shoot one of these "super" deer – a "super" hunter of course. These are the hunters who agree with the Game Commission only because there still happens to be some of the old "visible" deer where they hunt.

These hunters chastise others, spout the same Game Commission lazy hunter rhetoric, and thus believe themselves to be "super" hunters. Well a word of advice to you "super" hunters – quit bragging and don't let the Game Commission find out where you hunt; they will increase doe tags, create a DMAP area, and you too will soon be hunting "super" deer.

Kim Konyar
Submitted by Virtual Newsroom

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Terry Pratchett has Alzheimer's :-( :-( :-(

What utterly shittastic news. Still, he seems pretty upbeat about it. That's more than I'd be able to say.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Obvious Prediction

This live-action Alvin and the Chipmunks movie is going to be unspeakably hideous. The first preview I saw consisted of a coprophagia "joke." Don't you just want to punch moviemakers in the throat sometimes? Or all the time?

Monday, December 03, 2007

Student Attitudes in a Nutshell

"I hate reading articles about historical things or political or religious subjects. They are too boring to me. I have no interest in any of those sorts of things."

Disclaimer: Contrary to what these snippets may indicate, I actually do have some pretty sharp students, and in any case, the fact that you have no interest in academic or intellectual pursuits certainly doesn't make you a bad person. It's still frustrating, though.