Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fascinating background information

Right now you may not be wondering where the name "GeoX" comes from. The answer may not surprise you. Eight-odd years ago, I created a gamefaqs account. Up to that point, I had been commenting regularly on rpgclassics as plain ol' "Geo," but I jumped ship when my interactions with the site's webmaster at the time became, as one of this blog's readers can attest, Not Fun.* So anyway, I wanted to be "Geo" on gamefaqs as well, but usernames had to be four letters or more, so, using the lighting-fast mental agility for which I have become famous, I hit on "GeoX." The idea was that it would be analogous to second-tier Breath of Fire enemies like BowmanX and CactusX. I would be willing to bet that in the eight years following, nobody has ever made that connection. And the rest is history, albeit not history that is of interest to anyone.

*I take a modest pleasure in the thought that this individual is probably extremely unhappy with the recent election results.


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