Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fun with Math

Let's be optimistic and assume that California overturns Proposition 8. It seems more than likely, and even if it doesn't happen now, I'd be amazed if it lasted more than a few years. Let's further assume that New York legalizes same-sex marriage, as it almost certainly will since Governor Patterson is in favor and the Dems finally control the entire state government. Let us take the population of these two states and add in the populations of New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont (which has same-sex marriage literally in all but name). For the time being, we will overlook states with non-equal partnership benefits. So we take this number, which is 76,426,010. Then, we note in passing that, for all of Canada's progressivism, this means that more that twice as many Americans than Canadians (all of them, but what the hey) can gay-marry. Then, we divide this number by the total US population, which is estimated at 301,139,947. Then, we note that this means that already, more than a quarter of the US population can or very likely soon will be able to get gay-married. Then, we note that demography is destiny, bitches. Then, we enjoy the sight of Mormons and other assorted undesirables shivering and hysterically sobbing and pissing themselves out of fear. Because really, although we do try our best here at InchoatiaCo® to be Compassionate Liberals™, we are, after all, only human.


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