Saturday, November 08, 2008

The Madness of Wingnut Crowds

This Get Your War On video is fantastic. I order you to watch it.

In all fairness, some right-wingers have been surprisingly gracious in defeat. And some, uh, not.Here is a good Sadly, No! post compiling some of the more unhinged reactions. It's some seriously ugly shit, but I highly recommend it, even if you're not a wingnut-watcher by nature, just to get an idea of what these induhviduals are like. Here's the thing that really gets me: obviously, these are the ones who actually, seriously believed all the nonsense that McCain and his surrogates were spewing throughout the campaign. Okay, fair, if insane, enough. But you and I both know that Obama is going to govern, at most, from the center-left. Further right on some issues. He is not going to nationalize the means of production. He is not going to return tax rates to Eisenhower levels (ooh, that commie Ike!). He is not going to invade Israel or institute Sharia law or mandate gay abortions for all or confiscate guns or send Sean Hannity to a re-education camp (actually, I'd be in favor of that one). Nor is he going to make even a preliminary move in any of these directions.

And yet and yet and yet: I guaranfuckingtee you that, four years from now, these wingnuts will remain utterly convinced of the absolute truth of the crazed bellowings they're emitting today. I want to say that they're really incredibly dumb, but, while they're clearly not the brightest stars in the firmament, intelligence doesn't really enter into it. It's tribalism taken to truly self-parodic heights. Is there something in the water? one wonders. Chemical imbalances in their brains? As-yet undocumented mental disorders? It's actually a little frightening: sure, one thinks and devoutly hopes that people like this represent substantially less than one percent of the population. And out of those, one hopes and believes that more than ninety-nine percent are all talk. But are all of them? All I'm saying is that I won't be surprised if there's a serious act of domestic terrorism in the next four years, and if so, we'll know who to blame it on.


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I did not know there were video versions of Get Your War On.

Good thing there aren't many.


I can catch up and still have to find other ways to procrastinate this weekend.

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