Monday, January 26, 2009

Perhaps the most country-gothic-sounding name ever

Kingdom Come Creek, Kentucky, from whence one of the interviewees from the "Inauguration" episode of This American Life claimed to come. A place so obscure that it lacks a Wikipedia entry. This particular interviewee expressed grave concern that the Obama administration will "change this country into a country founded on Muslim issues." But let's try not to be condescending here; the right-wing noise machine is strong, and she DID express optimism and fervent hope that the stories she's heard are lies, which seems a fair bet.

It's an interesting episode; there's a segment about Guantanamo in there which is sure to invoke outrage, if you weren't paying enough attention to be outraged already. The fact that none of the architects of this giant, evil machine is likely to suffer ANY consequences (other than the inability to travel widely abroad, but ya think that bothers them?) is the biggest travesty of justice that I can think of.


Blogger :-| pontificated to the effect that...

...back when I was helpin write the Bible, long time ago, we took into account all the other related simbots from places like East Jesus, Texas and What Not, Colorado and Spalin, Alaska before they were even places and also we tried to rehab these insecure headtypes in their attempt to take over the world as we outlined the basic outline and we decided that before there was a decider we were going to have to decide for ourselves and that there was no way were we going to let the world take over itself and decide for us. so... I quit the bible writing gig and went to sea.

Muslim issues? Kingdom Come Creek, Kentucky issues? these words should not be in the same century together. no self-righteousness allowed in the new world odor.

Violators will be killed later.

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