Friday, September 25, 2009

The kind of statement that makes you want to weep silently. Or loudly, for that matter.

"What is the purpose for a book that analyzes how much television we watch? I personally don't think it matters. Being that this book was written so long ago, I found it hard to relate to because times have changed."

Sitting there for four weeks, absolutely impervious to anything I said or anything she read halfheartedly skimmed. Augh. And this is hardly an isolated sentiment, including the part about how holy shit, we can't possibly comprehend this; it was published in 1985--the dim mists of antiquity, when mankind's most pressing concern was to avoid being squashed by the mighty baluchitherium! We can't identify with that!


Blogger Kaitlyn pontificated to the effect that...

I think such a book has purposes (thanks for the title... not), but I kind of agree with the age issue.

A lot has changed in 24 (HOLY HELL) years... cable's growth, the internet, reality tv.

Unless the book was more general, but without the title, I'm lost.

Of course it could still be useful - how was this looked at almost a generation ago?

8:01 PM  
Blogger GeoX, one of the GeoX boys. pontificated to the effect that...

Amusing Ourselves to Death. It has certainly not been rendered obsolete, and more to the point, the question of "how much television we watch" is only tangentially relevant to its main thrust.

8:07 PM  
Blogger Kaitlyn pontificated to the effect that...

Ah. Gotcha now.

It's freaky to watch Glenn Beck and thing of this book.

8:27 PM  

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