Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dilbert is alienated labor.

The question is, is Scott Adams aware that he's neatly reiterating a classic Marxist critique of capitalism in today's comic--ie, that the mean of production become so ruthlessly rationalized and fragmented that workers lose any sense of value in their work and thus become unable to conceptualize the true socioeconomic nature of society and in turn become increasingly alienated from it?

Somehow, I'm gonna guess not, unless he's changed a lot in recent years.  I remember somewhere or other--in commentary on some strip in some old collection--him saying (paraphrase) "I'm a big fan of capitalism, but it definitely creates more losers than winners," which seems like an extraordinary thing for a capitalist to come right out and say.  The man's certainly not a deep or systemic thinker--that's not his role.  "Safety valve" is his role, and he's undeniably quite good at it, in spite of the odd accidental brush with actual economic analysis, like this one.


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AccountYou have hit the nail on the head. Dilbert is nothing but the most brilliant illustration of Marx's theory of alienation.

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