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Electronic Gaming Monthly gave the SNES version their "Game of the Month" award, praising its dark tone, amazingly smooth animation, complex and intelligent gameplay, and the ability to kill prisoners after getting information from them.

I'm not saying that this should automatically be forbidden in a game, but this gives the very strong impression that EGM was just drooling over this digital sadism.  Which, in fairness, they may have been; as we've seen, old EGMs were not necessarily notable for their rhetorical discipline.


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Blogger Pan Miluś pontificated to the effect that...

Look at it this way : Now you have a option NOT to kill them and by NOT doing so you will be a better human and it will improve your social skills. With all those older games (apprantly) after geting infromation from a guy you just torture to rat-out information, you would be left hanging "Shit! If I had to chance to kill this guy now would I do it? I shall never know! Maybe I would and that makes me a complete monster!" and now having actual temptation you can actualy test your humanity! Talk about a game that's helps you explore your soul, grow more moral and feel better when lookin into a mirror in the morning! True art, right there!

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Well, leave it to Blizzard to use violence to manipulate game reviewers, even back in the early nineties. I actually like Blackthorne a lot, but this excerpt makes it sound like GTA or something, whereas in reality it is a slow-paced puzzle platformer like Prince of Persia. You walk around caves and shoot these slave-trading pig dudes while figuring out where the exit is. However, yes, you can also shoot the prisoners, so there is that.


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