Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Things I say elsewhere

Comments on blogs really do just disappear into the mists of something, so here's what I said in response to this post, which was about the, uh, enthusiastic wingnut response to Trump's play-treaty with North Korea (including plenty of actual factual quotes if you want to gaze into the hellmouth):

It really is extraordinary how their policy positions (if you want to call them that) are very explicitly based on Owning Teh Libz and basically nothing else. I've certainly gloated a little in the wake of blue-wave elections, but I can honestly say that I have never evaluated a Democratic policy position based on how much it would piss off my perceived enemies. I guess hate is a drug that isn't immediately addictive, but when you have a huge line of pushers--fox, brietbart, infowars, et al--just lining up, it's super-easy to let it happen.
Still, even by those standards this is some weak tea. I'm REALLY supposed to feel owned by a ridiculous pretend treaty? As far as Trump enormities goes, this barely registers. Free pro-tip to any wingnuts reading this: if you REALLY want to trigger me like the safe-space-needing SJW snowflake I am, you should spend more time gloating about terrified children being ripped away from their parents. I have to admit, you really Owned me with that one. And just think: all you had to do was sacrifice any vestige of basic humanity!

This shit really is amazing and horrifying.  They really do live to hate.  I'm trying to conceive of the hell that is the inside of their heads, but I can't do it, my friends.  Any more than I can Our Great and Mighty President's.


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