Saturday, September 15, 2018

The Nintendo Rap

HERE IT IS, LADEEZ AND JENTS!  We had to write a "rap" at one point in elementary school (I have the exact date pinpointed to "somewhen between 2.10.90 and 5.4.90").  It, uh.  This was written with two friends.  Yes, we apparently didn't know what Bowser was called.  We were actually cognizant of the fact that it would be difficult to play Golden Axe--a Genesis game--on an NES, but we figured, correctly, that no one would notice or care.  Still, you'd think we'd've, I dunno, taken a little more care to be accurate.  It's the principle of the thing, dammit.  Well, enjoy.

Nintendo Rap

Nintendo it is very fun,
You get controllers and a gun.

There’s lots of cool games if you know what I mean,
In a lot of the games, the guys get mean.

There is this cool game; it’s called P.O.W.,
Whenever I win, my brother says “wow!”

There is this game that’s called Stinger,
Whenever I die it’s a real dinger.

I know this game called Golden Ax,
Whenever I play I use the N.E.S. Max.

There is this game Super Mario Bros,
When I get to the Dragon, he steps on my toes.

I like getting’ Power Magazine,
It’s the coolest magazine you’ve ever seen.

Nintendo it is radical and cool,
But I’d like it even better if I could play it in the pool!


Blogger Pan Miluś pontificated to the effect that...

That's one totally radical rap GM!

2:30 PM  

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