Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy One-Month-'Til-Inherent-Vice Day!

Yeah, I guess there's also some sort of other national holiday going on, but One-Month-'Til-Inherent-Vice Day kind of overshadows it, you have to admit.

There actually aren't many countries in the world I'd want to live in on a permanent basis. Overall, humans have not been particularly good at not making the lives of other humans into living hells. Sure, we're getting BETTER, but we're taking our sweet goddamn time. Maybe we'll ultimately get somewhere if we don't wipe ourselves out in a big ol' environmental catastrophuck, or use up all our resources and more firmly commit ourselves to the nasty, poor, brutish and short lifestyle, but I don't know how likely that is.

So sure, the US has a whole helluva goddamn lot of problems, but compared to most places, it still has a lot to recommend it, by our degraded standards. So I'll make the most patriotic statement I can make: if I can't be a Western/Northern European, or a Canadian, or a New Zealander--I'm glad to be an American. Fuck yeah...?

UPDATE: I do realize that part of the reason why I would want to live one place and not another is my cultural outlook and upbringing--ie, if I had grown up in Egypt, say, I would probably be a lot more okay with the things that, in this reality, make me not want to live in Egypt. But I think my main point stands. If it doesn't, feel free to knock it over.


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