Monday, December 19, 2005

Awesome new feature!

Since I got home for break, I've been looking through the old issues of the high school "literary" magazine that I edited my senior year, and I thought it would be amusing to print various things that I, or possibly other people, wrote. This first little ditty makes me laugh because it's so completely whimsical, and because, although I clearly remember Joe Deck, I have no memory whatsoever of writing a poem with him, and I have no idea what the collaborative process might have been like.

Super Universal Cowboy!

Oh the Universal Cowboy,
Or just "UC" for short,
Is the ultimate adventurer,
Or so it's said, old sport.
He rides across the plains,
And charges through the universe,
And when the people see him,
They all say, "he could be worse."
He's got two guns for shooting thugs,
And has a hat for whacking bugs.
Unfortunately he does not have a horse,
But he has a super sonic hippo, of course.
He's faster than a lightning train,
And can't be hurt by acid rain.

--Joe Deck and Geoffrey Moses



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