Wednesday, February 01, 2006

State of Disarray

Yes, of COURSE I tuned in to the Sotu address last night! Wouldn't miss it for the world! Ha ha. God I hate that man. Speech was the usual platitudinous drivel; not much to say. Apparently, we will never surrender to evil. Way to stick it to the powerful surrendering-to-evil lobby. To me, the most entertaining thing was whenever the cameras would pan out and you could see Cheney and Dennis Hastert sitting behind him. You could see Cheney moving a little, but Hastert, except when responding to an applause line, was absolutely motionless. It was kind of unnerving: had he died up there? I suppose for a republican, dying during an address by Dear Leader would be like dying during sexual climax for a normal person.

As for Tim Kaine's rebuttal: I don't doubt that Kaine's a nice guy, but man. Talk about uninspiring. It sounded like he was lecturing small children. I tried to call cspan's comment line to make this point, but could not get through.

Ideal sotu response: "Fuck me? Fuck YOU!" That, we would remember, even if fifty percent of it was bleeped out.


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