Monday, June 12, 2006

The Artrier System

by: GeoX
age: 9

I know of a planet system called Artrier. This system has no star.

The third smallest planet in this system is Moeterm. Its life is bigger and less advanced than bacteria. Because of this fact people think this planet is the youngest in the system.

Anteril is the largest planet in Artrier. No life has been discovered on it, but fossils have been found on it. People think since it is the hottest planet when it got hot the all water evaporate.

Orp is the planet with the most advanced life. It is the only planet that gets smaller. It is made entirely of water. Gravity pushes in hard and squirts out drops of water.

Esconer is one of the three planets without life, though it is very swampy. Things could live on it, but they don’t. Maybe this is because of the intense heat.

Acetwip has hardly any life and is very rocky and barren with just a few tough trees. These are the only things that have been discovered.

The biggest planet is Blinis. Lifeforms there are only about half an inch long. No bacteria or protozoans live on this planet.

Ingopticks is the most rainy planet in Artrier, and only mushrooms and moss live on it. No rocks are on it and are on it, and no animals live there. In spite of its wetness the only source of water is rain.

Orantor is almost entirely desert. There is only one small oasis about a mile long. But in this oasis life thrives. The living things include coyotes, baboons, warthogs, etc.

Idodor has no life and is very cold. It usually is about a zillion zillion below zero. It usually has no life except when ice falcons from the planet Chiteelith come for a visit.

Actolite has the most advanced life in Artrier aside from that on Orp. Its soil and atmosphere are rich in all elements except hydrogen and methane.

The last planet in Artier, Chiteelith, can control the other planets and their inhabitants. It is very fertile and lots of plants and animals live on it. It does not, however, let people live on it.



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