Sunday, January 06, 2008

Hydro: A Deadly Killer

by GeoX, age ten


Hello, my name is Hyasynth and I’m the star reporter for the Wet Gazette, and this is the story of probably the most famous Hydra in all history.

1. Leaper

Once upon a time, there was a huge salmon, who would eat as soon as look at you, who lived in a cave, under a large pile of rocks in a river populated by thousands of Hydras. He was tremendously old, and had been around at least four years old. Every year, everyone prayed that he’d never be back, and every year their prayers were left unanswered. The reason they hated him, was that he ate a minimum of triple his weight in hydras each day. He must have weighed 25 pounds, and a hydra weighs only about a quarter ounce! He was called Leaper, because he was known to leap three waterfalls at a time and reach the top in five minues!

2. Hydro

There is not a lot to say about the main character of the story. He is a small hydra who’s name was Hydro and was quite strong. He desperately hated Leaper and often dreamed of slaying him, and when he awoke, he laughed at the thought that he could slay Leaper. “I sure wish that dream would come true!”

3. Total madness

Hydro just about hit the ceiling when he learned that his only son, Hydronious had been eaten by Leaper. He began screaming for the salmon’s blood. Hydronious’s friend Hyde [Hydo?], said that he would be mad to try to kill any salmon let alone Leaper.

But Hydro, maddened by the loss of his son, rushed out the door.

4. the trip

Hydro leaped on a leaf, and began his trip. When he got hungry, he zapped a mosquito hovering above the water, and ate it.

In the morning he continued on. Several days later, he stood at the foot of the cave inside which, he would meet his death, or Leaper his!

5. The Battle

Hydro entered the cave and quickly shot a thread into Leaper, but the fish didn’t even move. Then, Hydro shot his dullest thread into Leaper which aroused the fish. Hydro zipped towards a sharp rock protruding from the wall with the fish after him, and just as he was about to collide, ducked down, but Leaper, unable to stop, fell to the ground, dead.

6. Victory

Back in Hyville, a few days later, Hydro screamed the news all over. Everyone laughed, but the king sent a messenger down to see. When the messenger returned, he stammered out Leap-er is-s-s d-dd-dead!


So that is the story of the most famous Hydra ever.



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