Sunday, September 06, 2009

A few quick questions

Why is Glenn Beck dressed in what appears to be a Stasi uniform on the cover of his new book? And why is he affecting a "ve haff vays uff makink you talk" expression? Okay okay, the answers are obvious: it's because the man's a lunatic. It's probably futile to speculate on what sort of rhetorical point he imagines, in his fevered, twisted mind, he's making; since it clearly doesn't have any sort of relationship with the real world, it's undeducible. But...doesn't he have editors? Someone who could at some point have said to him, uh, Glenn...? Were they really all scared away by the prospect of having to deal with a "GET OFF MY PHONE!"-type psychotic episode? Is he really just so powerful that what no one at any point could bring him/herself to challenge The Madness Of King Glenn? Because I know I've written about how people like him are making mental illness into a legitimate political stance, but the notion that this stance would be so widely and unquestioningly accepted that he's able to get away with nonsense like this--that's a scary thought.


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