Friday, November 07, 2008

New Chick Tract!

Man, so much for the warmer, fuzzier Jack Chick. Hurricanes are caused by insufficient fealty to Israel, it turns out. Also, Islam sucks, etc. I'm a little confused, though. Dude claims that "it's because of what we did to Israel today that this happened." Is there some current-events context for this that I'm missing? Because the cause-and-effect model here seems singularly bizarre, even by Chick standards. How do we know that god isn't sending the hurricanes because he's pissed off about gayness? Or abortion? Or evolution? Or President-Elect B. Hussein Obama? Chickgod IS a pretty temperamental sumbitch, after all. To just automatically assume it's all about Israel seems crazy in a way that goes beyond normal Chick-craziness. It's a particularly vivid illustration of what one sees as one looks through the Chick ouevre: the worldview evinced therein is not particularly unified or coherent. Also, protip: in spite of what you may read in evangelical comix, the power of prayer is not going to be sufficient hurricane preparation. I hope to god no one's deranged enough to take this additional layer of nuttiness seriously.



Blogger Kaitlyn pontificated to the effect that...

Israel's the best country EV-AR!!!!! even better than America, but its inhabitants are going to hell.

Did I get that right?

Also, God's got this whole planet that HE created, but he picks one teensy speck of land.

This is one time the Mormons make sense - Jesus visited America! Well, alrighty then! It's a big world!

I know have a burning desire to see a Chick Track done by Bruce Tinsley. I don't know why.

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